New Look, Same Great Stewart Tech: Inside Our Brand Refresh


Stewart Tech has a new brand! And we couldn’t be more excited to unveil our new logo, messaging, and website.

Why Now?

For more than 35 years, Stewart Technologies has been helping businesses transform their operations and infrastructure with smart IT support and solutions and accounting software solutions. As technologies evolved and businesses became more complex, we continued to adapt to what’s new, evolve our expertise, and relentlessly guide our customers through the changes.

But how we talked about ourselves – and presented ourselves to our customers and partners – didn’t evolve.

The refreshed Stewart Tech brand identity better captures and conveys what’s special about our company, our team, and how we serve our customers. It showcases our expertise, commitment, and many successes.

Who is Stewart Tech?

Stewart Technologies is a full-service technology solutions provider specializing in IT services and accounting/ERP software consulting. We work with businesses to ensure their systems run efficiently, allowing the front and back office to work better together. We help establish and optimize workflow – networking, protecting, supporting, streamlining, and scaling – in customer environments, so they can focus on the business at hand.

We Know Workflow

Stewart Tech is all about the workflow. For more than three decades, we have delivered the people, processes, and technologies that make customers’ environments more efficient, flexible, scalable, and secure. Beginning with the end in mind, we simplify customers’ workflows and configure their systems to work the way they do – not the other way around.

New Logo Design

Our new logo design and colors convey the confidence and efficiency that only comes from repeated success in transforming customers’ operations. The logo mark in three colors resembles an asterisk, the symbol often used to footnote or cross reference – and, in more recent years, to call attention to or indicate something special. At Stewart, we are thorough. We cross reference and connect the dots. The carats in the mark emphasize the forward motion, forward thinking of the work we do. We are tech-savvy optimizers and problem-solvers who go above and beyond customer expectations. The three colors also represent the three main focuses of our business: Business Consulting, IT Services and ERP/Accounting & CRM Solutions.

A Website That Works

A company website is the most visible touchpoint of any brand, and ours has been redesigned with new bold images, messaging, and compelling copy to accurately present the depth and breadth of our experience and offerings.

We’ve updated our IT services descriptions, to better reflect the work we do today and where we plan to be in the future. We’ve streamlined the ERP/accounting systems information, to help you discover which is the best fit for your organization. And we’ve reorganized our resources, so you can easily find the tools and information you need.

It’s the same web address, with a whole new look and feel. Explore the new website to see more.

Our Brand is More than Marketing

A brand is not created with a new logo or website. Every aspect of what we say, do, and deliver is part of our brand. We are grateful for the Stewart Tech team, our customers, and our partners for helping us become who we are and for your continued support as we move forward together.

We’ll close by quoting our new website:

Stewart Technologies helps businesses transform their operations and infrastructure, so they can streamline, grow, and scale.

Our managed IT services and accounting/ERP software solutions fit your organization today – and grow with you. There is no problem too challenging, no workflow issue we can’t improve. We live for the challenge.

We’re responsive and proactive. There when you need us, and anticipating your needs. We help you figure it out. And then some.”

Thank you! We’re looking forward to all that’s ahead.

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