Our Team

Luci Packett

Application Consultant


Application Consultant Luci Packett is like a one-stop solution for streamlining your business processes. She works hard at assessing client needs to recommend the perfect CRM and accounting software tailored to their goals, from proof of concept, installation and configuration to customizing the software to fit your unique workflow, when issues arise, Luci makes it her mission to supercharge your efficiency and provide ongoing support – so you can focus on growing your business with confidence. With Stewart Technologies for almost 20 years, Luci approaches every new day – and every new challenge – as an opportunity to grow and learn. “I thrive on thinking beyond the conventional boundaries, harnessing the dynamic world of evolving resources and tools to craft innovative and highly efficient solutions for our clients.” In her spare time you’ll find Luci enjoying the company of her family, friends, and four children.

What inspires you?
The idea of continuous growth and learning. Also, the support and strength I draw from my children and the positive impact I can make on the lives of others keep me driven and motivated every day.

Do you have a favorite quote or motto?
I have three daily mantras: Every day is a gift. Lift people up, don’t tear them down. Never let anyone take the smile from your face.

What is your superpower?
My superpower is remembering perspective. Viewing situations from different angles, empathizing with others, and maintaining a balanced outlook even in challenging circumstances allows you to make informed decisions, find solutions, and navigate life’s ups and downs with wisdom and grace.

Act! Certified Consultant and QuickBooks Pro Advisor