Our Team

Kristy Mumma

IT/Networking Services Lead & CISO


As Stewart Tech’s co-owner, CISO, and IT/Networking Services Lead, Kristy Mumma is a trusted business technology consultant and cybersecurity advisor, helping customers focus on their business by taking over the stress, hassle, and challenges of IT. She has been with the company for more than 20 years, taking on a series of progressive roles and responsibilities. While her titles changed, one constant remained: her ability to stay calm and even keeled in tough situations. Today, she brings those qualities to every client engagement, working tirelessly to make IT secure, optimal, and hassle-free for end-users, managers, and owners.

Kristy holds a B.S. in Management Information Systems from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. She is actively involved in the Howard County Chamber’s Women’s Leadership Conference Planning Committee and other local business organizations. When not at work, Kristy enjoys coaching and playing field hockey, exploring the natural beauty of the Patapsco Valley, cheering on the Ravens with her family, or playing any and every sport with her son in the backyard.

Kristy brings a vast knowledge base, a passion for problem solving, and the personal motto of ‘do the hard things first’ to the Stewart Technologies team effort. She loves the part she plays in leading other small businesses and interacting with her clientele because, as she puts it, “small businesses get things done!”

Do you have a favorite quote or motto?
How about an equation?!
aptitude + attitude = altitude

Who’s your hero?
My parents. As a parent and spouse now, it is so clear to me ALL the sacrifices they made in their lives. To be present and actively engaged in their children’s lives while having their own stellar careers and achievements is a real gift.

What is your superpower?
Staying calm under intense pressure. Figuring out complicated situations.