Our Team

Jessica Gardner

Customer Success Manager


Jessica has a knack for making friends wherever she goes, which is probably why she’s so good at building relationships with our clients as Stewart Tech’s customer success manager. A Sage specialist, Jessica has a proven track record in driving growth and ensuring our clients’ success. She focuses on understanding each client’s unique needs and providing tailored solutions that bring real value. She is like the friendly guide who helps navigate and optimize the experience — working closely with customers while they evaluate their options and then ensuring that they’re truly benefiting from the product or service and completely satisfied. When she isn’t championing our client’s goals, you might find her enjoying dinner at a new restaurant or diving into a good book.

What inspires you?
Growth, in every sense of the word. From personal evolution to witnessing the progress of others, the journey of self-betterment and expanding one’s horizons keeps me motivated and pushing forward.

Do you have a favorite quote or motto?
Absolutely! It’s a quote from Anne of Green Gables: “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet.” It’s a reminder that every day brings fresh opportunities and the chance to redefine our path.

What is your superpower?
Making new friends. I have a knack for connecting with people, understanding their stories, and building meaningful relationships.